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 David Mark Berger Magen David, the Star of David                                           

1972 Israeli Olympic Weightlifter

  David Mark Berger was a member of the 1972 Israeli Olympic team. He competed
  at the Munich Olympics as a weightlifter, after training for two years in Israel at

  The Maccabi Tel-Aviv Sports Club and Weightlifting Gym.

  David was born in the United States and held dual Israeli-American citizenship.
  He excelled at academics and athleticism. David believed that competing in the
  Olympics was the ultimate he could achieve in life. He fulfilled his dream on
  September 2, 1972.
  David Berger was one of 11 Israeli Olympians slain by terrorists at the 1972
  Munich Olympic Games.

  If you are on
Twitter, please tweet the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to 
  request one minute of silence at the Olympics in memory of the slain Olympians:

@IOCMedia #JustOneMinute of silence @Olympics to remember the 11 Israeli
  Olympians murdered by terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
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The  1972  Munich  Eleven  Israeli  Olympians:           David Berger is pictured on the right

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